The Powerful Pregnancy Plan - Designed by a Pelvic Health Doctor of PT

Most pregnant women don't know where to begin when it comes to exercising throughout their pregnancy, how to safely train as their bodies change and how to find credible resources for an active pregnancy.

With the Powerful Pregnancy Plan, you'll be guided through a specific workout plan for each trimester, allowing you to get stronger, have accountability and a plan to prepare you for motherhood in the life changing season ahead.

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The Inside Out Strength and Performance Powerful Pregnancy Plan

A Program Designed to Help Active Pregnant Women Build Strength and Prepare their Bodies for the changes during Pregnancy, Postpartum and Beyond. 

We’ve helped and guided hundreds of new mothers get strong during their prenatal and postpartum journeys to remain pain free and active.

Now we want to help you feel confident, strong and prepared as you get ready for motherhood!

The Problem: 

The vast majority of fitness programs for pregnancy women are vague.
 There is limited guidance from credible sources to guide pregnant women on their workouts and active hobbies. 

This means you waste time being fearful of looking into fad  workouts trying to decide if it's safe or not to do while pregnant. 

We’ve worked with hundreds of women clients the past 3 years and majority of women are fearful to exercise prenatally or postpartum due to concerns of developing pain, leaking, diastasis or pelvcic organ prolapse. 
There has to be a better way.

Most Pregnant Women Feel...

Confused about what they should do for exercise to help their performance and avoid injury or pelvic floor dysfunction as their pregnancy progresses.

Overwhelmed by the massive amount of conflicting information out there on what's the 'best' prenatal exercises.

Imagine how good would it feel to have a plan to follow that is safe and intelligently designed by an expert for a pregnant body that allows you to live pain free and never have to stress about if it's 'right' or safe to do during your pregnancy and for your long term health.


How It Works

Inside The Powerful Pregnancy Program you will be guided through workouts designed for each trimester with specific strength, stability and mobility exercises to follow.

Enjoy a fit and active pregnancy with a program designed by a pelvic health physical therapist. 

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