Run a Race for a Good Cause with Good Community

Join us for The Inside Out 5k on 5/8/21 as we celebrate our 4 Year Anniversary. We want to bring our amazing community together for some sweat, some fun, and to help support mental health.

Whether it's your first 5k or your 500th - we've put together an 8 week training program that will prepare you for the 5k...or even for a new PR. These workouts will be done individually, but as a community, leading up to the 5k. We will celebrate after the run with some good fun, good food, and raffle prizes.

In person and virtual sign up options available.


So Much More Than a 5k Race...

An 8 Week Training Program to Set You Up For Running Success

Our Strength Docs have put together a step by step 8 week training program that will set you up for success on race day. This is delivered through the TrainHeroic app directly to your phone, and includes strength workouts, mobility training, injury prevention, and a running program. Whether it's your first 5k you've ever done or you're a pro - this unique training program will get you ready like never before.

Race Day! Run (or Walk) the 5k

Join us in person or map out your own route virtually that you can participate with us on the morning of 5/8/21. We will begin and finish the race at our clinic - Inside Out Strength and Performance - in Carlsbad, CA for those that can make it locally. 






Train Together and Hang Out With An Amazing Community

The training program is designed to be done wherever you're at and completed with minimal equipment. The cool part is - everyone will be completing the same workouts and same runs on the same days leading up to the race. So you can share in the misery together...we mean share in the fun of course! 

After the race we will have food, fun, and raffle prizes for those that want to hang around.

50% of Your Sign Up Will Go To Supporting Mental Health

We've partnered up with [email protected] Movement to help donate to mental health. 50% of your sign up will go towards supporting mental health.

 If you want to learn more about [email protected] and what they're about, Dr. Dave just recorded a podcast with their Founder, Daniel Hack, which you can check out by clicking here