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An Exercise Program That Builds Stronger Joints and Muscles For Life

A total fitness program that can be performed anywhere, designed by doctors, to help improve mobility, joint health, and strengthen key postural muscles to help you stay active with less pain or injury

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Introducing The Inside Out Bulletproof Body Program - A Proactive Approach To Longevity

We’ve helped hundreds of clients and athletes get back to the sports, workouts, and activities they love without pain or limitation.

We created the Bulletproof Body Program to help you live an active life with less pain, stiffness, or achy joints.

The Problem: 

The vast majority of fitness programs are not effective.
There is too much focus on fitness and not enough focus on the long-term health of your joints, tendons, and muscles. 

Most training programs found online or at gyms are designed for the super fit and high level individual and are too advanced or most people.

This means you get hurt more, you put more stress on your joints, and you get significantly less results.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients and athletes the past 6 years and we estimate over 80% of injuries came from injuries sustained during training. 

This is an epidemic.

Most People Feel...

Confused about what they should do for exercise to not hurt themselves, risk an unnecessary surgery, and actually achieve their goals.

Overwhelmed by the massive amount of conflicting information that’s out there in regards to the best way to exercise to avoid injury.

Frustrated with their struggle to lose weight and make the physical changes they desperately want without sacrificing their joints or muscles in the process.

The Root Cause of The Problem:

Most training programs are designed to be hard…not intelligent. Getting people to do things that make them sore is 10% of what’s necessary to have a truly well rounded program.

Any gym teacher, personal trainer, or bootcamp gym can make you sore.

It’s also nearly impossible to follow a program that’s ideal for you unless it is designed to address the health of your overall body, joints, muscles, and tendons.

Following the same program a social media 'influencer' does or some other fit looking person at the gym will often leave your joints beat up over time.

Your goals, limitations and experience may be drastically different than the person standing next to you at the gym which can force you to push your workouts harder than you should - eventually leading to pain or injury to develop

Do You Want To Take The Long Road?

You could keep picking random workouts you find online or from some social media influencer with a ton of 'followers'

Or continue going to the gym where you consistently end up getting injured or working around pain instead of addressing it head on. Or...

Imagine how good would it feel to have the body you want, be pain-free and never have to stress about what to do for exercise ever again

Working with a coach and having your own personal Doctor of Physical Therapy in your back pocket is a game changer.

If you know deep down that your current plan is not addressing both your fitness and your longevity, or if you’re tired of second guessing every step, having a coach who understands both performance and long-term health will finally get you the results you deserve.

Motivation, accountability, and support from a trusted source will help you breakthrough plateaus, get the skills and strength you’ve always wanted, come back from injuries, and love your training more than ever before (especially because you're no longer in pain). 

This is so much more than a personal trainer who designs workouts only to make you sore. Our coaches are highly trained in the strength, mobility, and longevity to keep you fit AND feeling great for years to come.

Imagine opening your workout app and seeing training designed to get you fit both right now AND 10 years from now.

Instead of just hoping you’re nailing technique, your coach can watch your training videos and give you feedback, and answer questions along the way.

Maybe you love being athletic, or want to do an Iron Man, or an old injury is throwing you for a loop.

This program is designed to be challenging, fun, and safe while helping you reach those goals.

Do you wonder if you’re doing the right things outside of the gym when it comes to being your healthiest?

Our coaches are trained in helping guide you to your optimal health - through movement, nutrition, sleep, and stress management.

You'll finally have the access and accountability you need from some of the most skilled coaches in the health and fitness space.

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The Solution:

The Bulletproof Body Program

Download The App

The Bulletproof Body Program is housed on the Train Heroic app. This is where you will access all of your foundational workouts, optional strength and conditioning workouts, and all of our exercise tutorial videos to make sure you are performing each exercise correctly. This is also where you can communicate directly with your coach


Log Your Workouts

If you've ever struggled with accountability or sticking to a workout program consistently, those struggles will now be a thing of the past. Checking off each exercise as you perform them and logging your weekly workouts will greatly increase your ability to consistently follow the program. If you miss a day, no big deal. You can make it up another time or just jump back on track the next day. If you miss a week (or two), you'll be hearing from your coach

Communicate With Your Coach

You will have full access to your coach and our team. If you're feeling great and sticking to your workouts, there's no need to check in. Just keep logging your workouts and making progress. If you're unsure on your technique or need more support, there are features directly in the app to ask questions, upload videos of your technique, or get the support you need


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How The Bulletproof Body Program Works

  • Complete your foundational workouts 3x/weekly which can be done from anywhere with zero equipment - designed to build strong and resilient joints, muscles, and tendons
  • Complete optional strength and conditioning workouts 2x/weekly with minimal equipment - designed to build overall strength, fitness, and body composition
  • Follow exercise videos for specific form and technique adjustments
  • Log your workouts for accountability and to track your progress
  • More than just an exercise program - build a real relationship with your coach
  • Get frequent and personalized communication from your coach for any questions that come up
  • ​Complete your workouts wherever you are, regardless of time or equipment available
  • ​No time wasting, fluff, or gimmicks. We build our programs based on experience of what ACTUALLY works as seen with hundreds of clients we have worked with

iO Bulletproof Body Program - Early Access Rate


*Billed After 1 Week Free Trial

  • 3x/Weekly Foundational Workouts (Zero Equipment Required) - $150 Monthly Value
  • 2x/Weekly Strength and Conditioning Workouts (Optional) - $100 Monthly Value
  • Unlimited Coach Access and Accountability Through App - $175 Monthly Value
  • Instructional Videos and Tutorials For Each Exercise - $25 Monthly Value
  • Access To Inside Out Online Portal For Additional Pain, Nutrition, and Health/Fitness Resources - $99 Monthly Value
  • Private Facebook Community - $50 Monthly Value
  • You stay locked into this rate for the lifetime of your membership, even as prices increase
  • No contracts or commitment, cancel any time
  • Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Total Monthly Value = $599
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Intelligent Strength + Targeted Mobility + Improved Movement Technique = Real Results For Years To Come

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