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Why You Should Be Walking Throughout Your Pregnancy

activelifestyle physicaltherapy womenshealth Jan 06, 2021

Pregnancy is an incredible transformation for the female body. Many women are concerned with what they should or shouldn’t be doing throughout their pregnancy for the health of the mother, baby and overall activity. If you’d like to learn more about prenatal fitness guidelines check out our blog post here. There are many benefits to walking throughout pregnancy, this blog will take you through the main benefits for mother and baby and tips to get started.

Walking doesn’t require any equipment or special location.

What a beautiful way to explore your neighborhood or parks around you. Walking allows for a low impact option to get outside and get active. 

Walking can reduce the risk of complications. Recent studies have found that women who regularly exercise throughout their pregnancy have a lower risk to develop gestational diabetes or unplanned cesarean sections. 

Walking is a form of steady state cardio which can help you burn calories and keep your weight manageable and appropriate during pregnancy. Curious to learn more about the physical and mental benefits of steady state cardio, click here to give this podcast a listen. 

Walking can help improve your mood and energy levels. We all hear about how during pregnancy hormone levels are changing as well as our moods. One study found significant improvement in the moods and fatigue levels of pregnant women who walked about 30 minutes four times a week. What a great way to keep us happy and healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.

Take Action

So you’re ready to get started walking to benefit you and baby throughout your pregnancy and beyond. We recommend that you first notify your doctor prior to starting a walking program to ensure it is appropriate for you and your pregnancy, especially if physical activity is new for you. 

Talk Test:

We like to educate our clients during their pregnancy about the “Talk Test” while doing exercise and activity to keep the intensity safe. Pregnancy isn’t the time for PR’s but rather a time to embrace the changes in your body and encourage growth and understanding in how your body can adapt over the course of your pregnancy.  The “Talk Test” references the Rate of Perceived Exertion is a 1-10 scale  used in exercise science to monitor the intensity someone is rating the activity at. The scale from 3-4 is maintaining a routine of consistent, moderate to somewhat hard level of aerobic exercise (3-4 on RPE scale) and the ability to talk and hold a conversation while exercising. A duration of 20-45 minute exercise pending tolerance and prior level of function is a good goal.


At Inside Out we recommend that you get a pair of good walking shoes, they should be comfortable and supportive but also not so soft that you feel like you’re walking on pillows. If you would like more information or guidance please feel free to reach out, we’d be happy to help you find a good pair of shoes that works best for you. 

Water bottle:

We recommend bringing a water bottle along for your walk to stay hydrated during your walk, as well as after your walk. As the body continues to make changes anatomically and physiologically we must remember to stay hydrated, especially with activity and exercise in your day. 

Supportive Attire and Accessories:

Wearing a supportive sports bra while walking and doing exercise is important for all women, but even more so during pregnancy and postpartum as the breast sizes and sensitivity are changing. We also recommend a belly band if you experience any discomfort in your back, pelvis, or hips during your walks. Here you can look at options we’d recommend from Baby Belly Brand

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