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Why You Need To Try The Farmer’s Walk Challenge

exerciseprogramming physicaltherapy strengthtraining weighttraining Jan 27, 2021

The farmer’s walk, or farmer’s carry, is an excellent exercise that most everyone can benefit from.  It trains your grip, your core, your shoulders, and your hips - and it also does not require a lot of prerequisite strength or mobility to reap the benefits of this movement.

How do you know if your carry strength is as good as it should be?  Try this simple (but not easy!) challenge to see how you stack up:

  • Grab a pair of kettlebells totaling ½ of your bodyweight (¼ bodyweight per arm)
  • Take a walk: 400 m is the goal without having to set the kettlebells down

 It’s that simple!  This gives you a good baseline to either know what you have to work towards, or a way to continue to track your progress.

 Too easy?  Try for 800 m.  Too light?  Work up to a full bodyweight carry with ½ bodyweight per arm.

Comment and let us know how well you do!  You’ll feel some muscles working that maybe haven’t been used in a while.

Looking for more Farmer’s Walk variations to mix it up? Check these out below:

Single Arm Unilateral Farmer's Carry/Walk

Single Arm Unilateral Farmer's Carry/Walk with March

Single Arm Unilateral Kettlebell Front Rack Carry

Give these a try let us know if you feel a difference.  This has worked with hundreds of clients that we have worked with both locally at our performance physical therapy clinic as well as with online training athletes that we program for to build strength and confidence.

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