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5 Exercises For Quick Back Pain Relief

backpain exerciseprogramming strengthtraining Jul 05, 2021

Low back pain is becoming a real problem in our society, and if you’re reading this you’re likely in the majority (approximately 80% of people) that either has had or will at some point experience back pain. The easiest way to address back pain is to keep it from happening in the first place, and one of the best ways to do this is to keep joints and tissue happy by moving well, and moving often (more than 50% of those with back pain spend the majority of the day sitting).

The problem with current treatments for the low back is that it is assumed that the low back is the problem.  In those with low back pain, the low back is often overworked and irritated from other body parts not working as they are designed to.  That is why it is so important to assess and address other areas to treat the actual root cause in order to decrease pain and prevent the same problem from happening again.

At Inside Out Strength and Performance, we spend a lot of time in our assessments to identify the true root cause of back pain in order to lay out a plan to get rid of it for good. But let’s face it - when you’re in pain, you don’t care about the root cause of what’s going on - you just want to feel better. We help our clients all the time get rid of their back pain through using their own body and some simple exercises. The clients that come in to see us want to get rid of pain without taking medications or getting surgery, and that’s exactly what we’re going to cover today with the exercises below. While these likely won’t address the true root cause of your back pain and get rid of it for good - these movements will be the first step needed to reduce your pain and get you feeling better.

1. Lacrosse Ball QL Massage 

2. Pelvic Tilts (Supine & Cat/Cow)

3. Thoracic Spine Mobility - Rib Grab

4. Hip Mobility (Piriformis)

5. Core Activation (TA w/ March)

Try these movements out to get your pain under control without relying on medications, rest, or surgery. If you’ve had back pain for longer than a month, and you’ve tried other physical therapy, chiropractic care, and it’s still not going away – you need to find a movement specialist to get to the true underlying cause of where your back pain is coming from. And that’s exactly where we come in - we help individuals struggling with back pain every single day get back to the activities they love.

Don’t just wait for the back pain to go away, it won’t. And the longer you wait the longer it will take to get you back to a healthy lifestyle.  The good news is you can always make positive change, we see it happen every day. If you want to learn how you can do the same, click here to schedule a Free Discovery Visit with one of our Doctors.

If you are overwhelmed with the options available when it comes to getting rid of your back pain, frustrated with the lack of progress, or in need of a clear solution to get rid of your back pain for good - then we can help. 

You shouldn’t have to waste your time and money on options that don’t work. We understand how frustrating it is to try different things without getting the results you had hoped for. Click here to request a free Discovery Visit with one of our Doctors to learn more about the next steps necessary to address your back pain for good.


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