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Top 5 Home Mobility Exercises

exerciseprogramming mobility physicaltherapy Apr 09, 2020

We’re living in a crazy time right now, amidst a COVID-19 pandemic, that is leaving us stuck at home more than a lot of us are used to. Many gyms, workout facilities, and our access to equipment can be pretty limited. Many of us are also spending more time than ever sitting. However, this doesn't mean you can’t get some quality mobility exercise while at home.

While this might be a change of pace for some, it can be used as a time to work on some areas of weakness that have gotten pushed aside with previous routines. Mobility is one of the most neglected areas we see in people’s normal routines. This doesn’t have much of a short-term consequence, but overtime this causes muscles and joints to get tight and achy. If this gets pushed off long enough, overuse injuries start to happen and people end up in our clinic. Good news - this can be avoided with a consistent routine!

These mobility exercises are addressing some of the most common limitations that we see people at our physical therapy clinic for various injuries, aches, and pains. Even if you’re not in pain and generally active - these can actually help you perform better as well. Reduce the chance of injury and perform better - what a combo!

Straight Leg Lowers

The key here is to keep your knees straight and back flat. This will not be easy for many of you, but work up to it over time!

Prone Swimmers

 Slower the better for these and keep those shoulder blades back. If you sit a lot, or have ever had a shoulder injury, these will probably be VERY hard.

Doorway Pec Stretch

One of our favorite posture exercises for those spent sitting at a computer, surfing the web, or watching Netflix. Hold 30-60 seconds per side, and you can do both arms together in any doorway.

Thoracic Rotations

Another great posture exercise. Limitations in the thoracic spine (mid back) are top causes for neck pain, shoulder pain, and lower back pain. Aim for 10 reps of each variation, per side.

Couch Stretch

 Lower back pain? Knee pain? This might be your first place to start. When we sit, our hip flexors and quads become very tight. The fix for this? 60 seconds per side on this one.

Bonus - 5 Minute Daily Flow

Here’s a bonus sequence of a full body ‘flow’ routine that addresses many areas all in one. Start your day with this and your joints will thank you.

Give these a try to improve your mobility from home. If you’re looking for more mobility exercises to go through - try our 30 Day Mobility Challenge

If you’re not getting the progress you want at home, or you have pain or injury that you’re trying to work around, we can help (even remotely)! We help busy individuals looking to get back to the activities they love every single day, and if pain or injury is holding you back we can help you do the same. We do this through in-person sessions at our clinic, but we also offer telehealth and virtual evaluations and treatment, remote exercise programming and mobility programming, and nutrition coaching that is made custom to you and done at home.

Most people don’t know how to stay healthy and fit without getting hurt. At Inside Out Strength and Performance we provide a clear plan to get you in the best shape of your life, without getting injured, so that you can be active and confident that you’ll feel your best for years to come.

We help North County San Diego’s active adults and runners dealing with pain or injury get back to living a pain-free, strong, and confident life.

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