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5 Best Exercises for Golfers

activelifestyle exerciseprogramming golf warmup Feb 01, 2022

As we approach the Springtime, more and more people are getting out to the golf courses to soak up some sunshine and hit some balls. It’ll be important to have a solid warm up/workout routine that will help prepare you for the demands of golf, as well as improve your golf performance.


1. Thoracic Rotations: Golf requires a lot of rotation through the spine for an effective swing and follow through. This exercise can be a great mid-back opener before playing golf. (insert thoracic rotation) 





2. Hip Internal Rotations: During a golf swing, the front leg requires a significant amount of internal rotation as your pelvis rotates over your lead leg. This exercise can help improve your ability to perform this motion and help improve your golf swing. (insert hip IR foam roller)





3. Crossbody Single Leg RDL: Now that you’ve started working on improving your hip internal rotation, this exercise helps solidify your ability to control that newly acquired range of motion in a standing position while also working on your hamstrings and balance. (insert crossbody single leg RDL)





4. Half Kneeling Lifts: As important as it is to be able to create and move through rotation, it’s also important to be able to resist rotation through your trunk as you initiate the downswing. This exercise can help improve your ability to resist rotational forces. (insert ½ kneeling lifts)





5. Walking Lunge with Rotation: People might assume that golf is all upper body and trunk, but the lower body plays an essential role in powering the swing and making you a great golfer. The walking lunge with rotation works on your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and trunk, all important components of a powerful golf swing. (Insert walking lunge with rotation)





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