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Top 5 Best Banded Glute Exercises

exerciseprogramming Mar 17, 2021

Many active moms are on the hunt for the best “booty workout”, although some people have the motivation for how their body will look when dedicating work to their glutes. 

Did you know that building strong glute muscles is important for day to day functioning too?

Strong glutes allow for your powerful muscles of the legs to propel us forward when we’re running, lifting and working out. Many people think strong glutes correlate only to working out and fitness, but it really does play a role in quality of life. When the muscles in our hips are strong they allow our stabilizing muscles in our core and back to do what they’re designed to do -stabilize and support- rather than lifting, pulling, pushing. 

Here are our 5 Best Banded Glute Exercises to Build Strength: 

Banded Glute Bridges

Banded Hip Thrust

Banded Standing Hip Abduction 

Banded Lateral Walks

Modified Side Plank with Banded Clamshells 

Give these exercises a try as a circuit going through each exercise for 10-15 reps for 4-5 rounds. 

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