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The 5 Best Banded Exercises You Aren’t Doing

exerciseprogramming physicaltherapy Dec 30, 2020

When used correctly, resistance bands can be one of your best friends.  They can be used in isolation or in addition to other movements that you are doing in the gym.  The great thing about bands is that they offer varying resistance that will allow you to build more strength in different ranges of motion compared to weights alone.

Another benefit is that with certain movements, bands can be more friendly on areas of the body allowing you to build healthy, pain-free, and more resilient joints.  Whether you’ve been using bands for years, or you’ve never tried incorporating it into your training - here are 5 must have exercises to work into your routine:

  1. Banded Pull Throughs 

2. Banded Shoulder Extension

3. Banded Face Pull  

4. Banded Pallof Press

5. Banded Deadlift 

Give resistance band exercises a try let us know what you think. These exercises can be a great option for home gym workouts with minimal equipment. This has worked with hundreds of clients that we have worked with both locally at our performance physical therapy clinic as well as with online training athletes that we program for.

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